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Lois Alsip
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I was so honored when McKenna asked me to be an ambassador for her senior project, Sox Warm Hearts. It is truly a worthwhile cause.

My thoughts immediately raced to two situations: the homeless people who gather in large cities in the U.S. and the many ‘’street children” in Bolivia. Our streets and parks abound with many homeless people. A recent article by Sarah Zobel in Oprah stated “…many of the foot-related afflictions from which homeless people suffer – swelling, blisters, skin infections, even frostbite – can be avoided by wearing new, dry socks.” But socks aren’t usually included in charitable clothing donations.” Aside from obvious hygiene benefits of new socks, they simply feel good and provide comfort to someone going through a difficult time… a feeling that someone cares about them.

One of the mission partners at my church is Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS). For twenty-five years PADS has been assisting the homeless in job searches, temporary housing, medical care and counseling. Local churches alternate in providing shelter. It is here that I got to know the homeless as people – a man carries a tattered photo of a baby, one who hugs a Mickey Mouse sheet because it’s the last thing his daughter gave him, and the retired Navy man who just wants to talk. They all deserve more.

It had been bitterly cold in the Chicago area the night I delivered 60 pairs of long, wool thermo socks to the shelter. I wish you could have seen the joy in their eyes… a joy no photo could quite capture. I was just an ambassador for Sox Warm Hearts. But it meant the world to them!

My nephew has been a missionary in Caranavi, Bolivia for about 20 years. During that time he married a local dentist, had three lovely children, started the Life and Truth Christian School and even started an orphanage when the need became evident about four years ago. He struggles to find the right teachers, the right students and emerging leaders of integrity. But he is on the right path and doesn’t give up easily. Take a look at these beautiful, happy children at the Casa de Esperanza, the orphanage he started. The socks arrived just in time … their first day of school was the next day and we all know how important it is to have something new for the first day of school. They will remember McKenna and her Sox Warm Hearts for many years to come!
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