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Colegio Vida y Verdad
Life and Truth School("Colegio Vida y Verdad")
Caranavi, Bolivia
South America


Life and Truth School was founded in 1988 in Caranavi, Bolivia to educate local children in principles from the Word of God. During its 25 years of service in Caranavi, it has grown from 12 students to now over 700. Several hundred students have now graduated from high school and continued on in university studies. Many of those are now professionals, some of them serving now in Caranavi. Students currently in the school pay approx. $19/month for tuition and donors in the U.S. subsidize the remaining $6/month needed to operate the school. Families with multiple students in the school or dire financial circumstances are given scholarships to allow their children to continue to study. Half scholarships are also offered to the children of all school personnel and local pastors and Christian workers.