Sox Warm Hearts
McKenna Matranga

McKenna Matranga

Senior Project

Saddleback Valley Christian School

Instructor:  Mr. Bergen

My senior project was a community program entitled Sox Warm Hearts. Originally the school project would end at my graduation, but it has grown tremendously since school ended, and Sox Warm Hearts is now an international outreach program.

In today’s difficult economic times, there are many unfortunate people who could benefit by a donation of socks.

The mission of Sox Warm Hearts is to identify ways to obtain donations of socks and identify organizations that donate these socks to needy children and adults.

The mission has been supported by Sox Warm Hearts ambassadors throughout the United States. These ambassadors have identified organizations in their home areas so we do not incur shipping costs for socks.

To support my ambassadors, I have attended major donation events, when possible. I have also presented a news release to newspapers in ambassador areas to build the identity for Sox Warm Hearts.

The goal of this project is to set a number of donations to reach. Sox Warm Hearts is a project that has continued well beyond my senior project. Our network is now established, we have new ambassadors joining the project, and we are confident we will reach out initial goal of 10,000 pairs of socks for the needy.

For information, feel free to contact Sox Warm Hearts or 949 • 457-1212.